New technologies powered the education

More and more valuable multimedia programs get into the hands of students and teachers. Some of them are the work of the teachers themselves and some are created thanks to EU projects.

We created the Wooosh! label to gather useful, multimedia educational materials under it and to protect them from being lost in the flood of information.

Wooosh! is also a mark of quality, which means that the games bearing it have been tested in school conditions in Poland, Europe and around the world. We invite you to use them and draw inspiration in creating your own projects.

Let the teaching methods evolve with the changing reality.

Learning of reading and understanding

Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Lithuanian and Italian teachers, working to equalize the educational opportunities of children with dyslexia and dyscalculia, initiated the European information project. Part of it includes materials available in electronic form, with a visually attractive game among them, which constitutes an ideal educational aid for children and their educators:

Fruit Juice Maker - reading and understanding

Play and recommend to your child.

Multimedia fonetical games

TALK - Teaching and assessing language for kids is another international project. Specialists from Italy, Romania, Belgium and Poland joined forces in joint research on linguistic competence of children in their countries. The result is not only scientific progress, but also a multilingual and multimedia-filled game.

Arturo il Canguro - a spelling game

Great fun for you and your child, and for teachers an invaluable educational aid.

EUROPEAN LEGENDS In the rpg game

The protagonist of your choosing wakes up on the path leading to the magical city. This classic start of the fantasy adventure game leads us to the world in which we will have to use a deception to dispose of the Wawel Dragon and play the Mariacki Bugle Call in place of the bugle call player who fell to the enemy arrow. Using magic taught by Master Twardowski, we will have to pave our way to save the kingdom from the Ogres of Italian legends. We will meet a sheep, a wolf, an ant and a grasshopper from French fairytales.

Fairy Land is a game in a beautiful graphic setting available for free on Windows computers. It is an ideal example of a well-executed international EU project. It is available in English, Polish, Italian and French.

Fairy Land - WebGL demo and free download

It’s a must for modern teachers, students and parents.


Great multimedia educational games that the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company in Warsaw has prepared as part of the EU programs.

Water Adventures of Mr. Droplet

Here you will learn about the route that water has to take to eventually reach your taps. Here you’ll also find something for fans of "oldschool" games like Pac Man, Frogger and many more.

Adventures of Klozeciak

And when the water flows through our tap to the sink or toilet, another journey begins. A series of minigames and animations will show you the world of the Warsaw sewer system.


We are convinced that by working together we can achieve more, and exchanging experiences from various industries and fields of activity leads to new discoveries and spectacular innovations.

Here’s who is involved in the existence of the Wooosh! Project:

Multikultura: Union of Associations - coordinator of many Polish and pan-European programs supporting culture development, multicultural education and new educational technologies
Web page

Per Aspera: Foundation for Supporting Social Activity - - a Krakow organization combining charity and work with children with advice in the field of new technologies
Web page

We also invite you to contact the project’s office:

Elearning platform

The Per Aspera Foundation has an e-learning platform ready to be used as part of educational projects. The system is well known to Polish teachers, thanks to the ICT Specialist project for example. It is used in schools and colleges.

Project coordinators will find here not only an environment compliant with the SCORM standard, enabling teaching, reporting results and maintaining contact with project participants, but also an on-line course generator that will allow to create a wide range of courses, quizzes and tests.

If you need e-learning in your project, please contact our partner:
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